東別院てづくり朝市とは?The Higashi Betsuin “Tezukuri” Asaichi started in 2013 on every 28th day of the month (the monthly return of the date of Shinran’s demise).
It goes hand in hand with Higashi Betsuin temple’s hopes of opening itself up to many people of greater Nagoya area.
This market is now the largest in Aichi prefecture, hosting approximately 220 vendors every month.
At this “homemade” morning market, you will find various ideas that can make your daily life rich in its quality.
You will also enjoy the connections you make with food & vegetable producers, cooks, craftsmen, and artists.

*Shinran is a Buddhist monk, who founded the Jōdo Shinshū sect.

The Concept

In the beginning, we were only going to sell some homegrown vegetables, but a better idea hit our minds.
What if we offer various kinds of healthy, sustainable, homemade goods too,
and make this market a place where everyone, including kids and elders, can come around!?
Since then, it has become a heart-warming market, where you can enjoy vegetables, bread, sweets, snacks, craftwork, and delicious dishes.


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