To all visitors

What time does the market open?
We are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., every 28th of the month.
Are there any parking lots in and around the temple grounds?
Yes, there are. Please see where they are located here. Please keep in mind that there might be traffic jams around the entrances to the parking lots. In case they are full, please use one of many coin-parking lots nearby. Many of them are located to the north side of the temple.
May I bring my dog(s) with me?
No pets are allowed on temple grounds; unless, they can be carried in your arms, in a carrier or pet stroller. Please do not let pets go unleashed since there are many little children during the market time.
Are there any spaces where I can breastfeed my baby and/or change a diaper?
Yes. Please see this page for the designated locations for breastfeeding and diaper changing.
How and when can I be informed of whether the market will be canceled due to bad weather?
We hold the market rain or shine. However, it can be canceled when public extreme weather warnings are issued. We will decide whether or not to hold the market by noon of the previous day and announce it on our homepage.
Are there any site maps available?
We don’t have any maps to hand out, but you can see the site-map on our website.
Please check it out before your visit.
How can I apply for a vending spot?
We are not currently accepting applications for vending spots since all available spots are occupied. Please apply when we call for new vendors in January. A call for applications will be announced on our homepage and other SNS media.


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